Monday, 2 March 2009

Off I go!

Am very excited, yet also slightly terrified. Everything is packed and only weighs a ridiculous 10 something kilo. How I'm going to survive with so little clothes remains to be seen. The daypack which technically attaches to the rucksack is filled with other stuff, books and the like, and is going to be taken on as my handluggage. The tickets and other service vouchers have been sorted into a folder in order of when I'm going to use them (thanks dad) and my camera memory card has been saved onto my computer, and then various photos deleted to make space (though I kept quite a few to show people).

Just had a few minutes of panic when I couldn't find proof that my ESTA (to land in America) had been approved, but had sensibly put it in the trip folder on my desktop where it was right in front of my nose and I couldn't find it. All good now. Might print it off in the morning...

Have had a flurry of facebooking and IMing people and getting addresses and phone numbers off people. You never know when it might be useful! Turns out an old school friend of mine will be in New York when we're there and that some people who I was thinking I wouldn't be able to visit live closer than I thought to one of my destinations.... I don't think I'm going to have a spare minute this trip! (Probably good that way).

Everything is charged and packed away now. Time for me to go to sleep now too. Eek!


  1. So now I have to watch 2 different journals for you eh? Hmph.

    Have an amazing time. Go to Central Park (seriously) and don't get so drunk you end up in somewhere stupid. <3 xx