Monday, 23 February 2009


This is either the first leg of my journey, or the preparation of it, depending on which way you look at it. I have now definitely left England. All my stuff apart from a suitcase and backpack is in my aunt's garage (well, apart from my duvet and pillows and a lamp, but they are gracing my old bed in Nottingham for the next incumbent to use). Travelling back today was very fun. Got a ride to Birmingham International airport from my uncle, got the National Express coach from there to Luton airport and got chatting to a lovely German girl who lives in Spain... and we talked from half 11 to about 4:15 when I had to get to my gate. Very interesting life she has! Once on the plane I talked to the person next to me who turned out to be an easyjet pilot who was being flown to Berlin where they have a staff shortage so he could fly planes from Berlin for two days. Turns out, it's more interesting being a pilot than I thought and that most of the landings that get clapped for are on automatic. But he was very lovely, called Douglas (I think) and got me a free bottle of water. Win!

Now I need to buy a backpack, get a haircut, look for more clothes and shoes and sort out my australian visa. I might pop by the Berlin STA travel as well again and buy the fiji leg of my trip.

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