Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Random Connection Day

Truly a day of random connections! It was my last day in New York, and Cassy was leaving today (sad!). We were sitting on a rock in Central Park soaking up the sun when these two guys came over while filming holding a damaged apple and a burnt piece of paper meant to look like a flag. Quite odd, I asked not to be filmed but Rebecca didn't mind, so they reshot the scene with her. Turned out one was a Czech buddhist travelling around with his funky old camera that you powered by cranking a lever on the side, and the other was this really odd Jewish guy that was very very stoned and apparently really liked Bob Marley and obscure films we had never heard about. They sat and talked for a while until Cassy came back and we made excuses and left.

Next we met a German girl right outside the park who said that down the other road they were filming Gossip Girl, so promptly Cassy and Rebecca disappeared to go and spy while I talked to this girl and ate an ice cream in the sun.

After I had hailed a cab for Cassy (first time I've done this in New York!) and she had gotten in to go to the airport, Rebecca and I went to watch Watchmen at the IMAX Theatre near her university. Got some food at Subway and the man next to us starting talking to us about his wife and cancer and how she left him and his kids and what he did (american football coach) and blah blah blah, which was all quite interesting really. He was called Nelson I think and Rebecca is going to mention him and his company in her blog, or so she said.

So yeah, last day in New York is random connection day! Tomorrow I go off to Philadelphia to see Markus and then on Saturday I go to Buffalo (9 hours on the train!) to see Doug (and hopefully to cross the border and see Doll and Andrew as well and perhaps explore some of Canada's nightlife). I leave there on Monday and head off to Mount Pleasant in Iowa (17 hours on the train!) to visit Lena and then 24 hours later back onto the train for a 49 hour journey across the States to Emeryville where the lovely Jessica will hopefully pick me up and I can recover from the ordeal and explore the delights of San Francisco. Yay!

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