Saturday, 14 March 2009


we decided to go to Coney Island. Despite knowing that the whole fairground would be closed and it would be very very cold, we still went, and there was some determined but freezing frolicking next to the sea scaring the seagulls. It was so so so so so cold! We also ate some of Nathan's famous hot dogs which wasn't so very good. Pictures might follow sometime when I'm not using a completely public computer...

After getting back into Manhattan from Coney Island (bottom of Brooklyn) we failed to find Cassy's mum's spice rack around Union Square so went to MoMA again (Target free Friday's!) and took pictures of the arty people trying to understand the postmodern art. Was quite amusing. Ran into Mikey and Markus Kliegl on the steps down when we were leaving which was very amusing, since I'm staying with Markus next week.

Then we walked back to Astor Place to meet Franklin (another JFKer) for dinner and we had Japanese curry (nom!) and bubble tea with tapioca (strange, but also nom) and then bought a huge chocolate cake and put writing on it for Cassy's birthday. Was so fun! Eventually headed back to the Bronx, which I still don't find that scary for some reason.

Today is Cassy's birthday (yay!) so we've bought cupcakes from Magnolia's Bakery (so so so delicious) and eaten cheeseburgers in Madison Square Park again (Shake Shack for the win!) and a birthday cupcake, and now we are in the apple store again. One last stop to double check Pottery Barn on 59th Street for a revolving spice rack and then home to buy chicken and cooking utensils so I can make Jewish chicken for Cassy's second birthday dinner (we are both going to be so fat after this...)

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