Monday, 16 March 2009

In the past few days we have been less touristy and more shoppy... and hanging out in arty cafe's and stuff. Been quite nice! Today Rebecca and I went to Central Park Zoo which was a huge disappointment. There were barely any animals and the habitats were quite shit and it was overall, a pretty crap zoo.

Have found a new favourite street, which we went down to in search of lunch. St Mark's Place, just off Astor Place has lots of exciting ethnic restaurants and the good bubble tea shop which franklin introduced me to. Nom, bubble tea! It is so odd yet so good. Went to yet another bookstore (I love bookstores) and bought a travel guide for California so I know what exciting things I want to do while there. Also bought some damn comfy white scenester shoes for the equivalent of 8 pounds. Things can be so cheap here!

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's day and there is a parade down 5th avenue from 44th street to the Met Museum on 86th Street. We're going to try and wake up early and get a good spot there if we can, hurrah!

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