Friday, 6 March 2009

Big Apple

Have been having quite an exciting though tiring time in New York. Still combatting jetlag a little which means early mornings and very tired evenings dragging our tired feet back through town to the apartment which is in a very nice place on 82nd street right next to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Seen many exciting things: been to a Broadway show (39 Steps, hilarious! Though not a musical), seen the outside of the Empire State building, seen a free fashion museum at FIT, been to the American Natural Science Museum and the Met, eaten lunch in Madison Square Park, seen the Rockefeller Centre, and walked up and down 5th Avenue and through Times Square and up Broadway and through Central park in the snow.

Unfortunately my camera seems to not work anymore (lens error?) so no pictures. I think I need to buy a new canon ixus, which makes me sad as my mum bought me my camera. Ah well.

Off to do more exciting things, as I'm currently in the Apple Store on a MacBook and my friends are bugging me to move on. Yay!

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