Saturday, 23 May 2009


Pet Porpoise pool in Coffs Harbour was AMAZING! We got to play with dolphins, touch them, feed them, and get a kiss from them! There were sea lions too that we could feed and get kisses from, so sweet! Pictures to follow :-) Fed turtles and sharks and fairy penguins too! Left and walked around the jetty part of the harbour and over the breakwater where big waves WENT OVER the breakwater, soaking us! Walked over to Muttonbird Island in really strong wind and saw some wild dolphins from the tip. So cool! On the way back though we got caught in heavy heavy rain. Got even more soaked! Argh.
Next day, rain too heavy to leave the house, flood warnings! Day after, leave in a train, 9 hours later in Sydney.

More later, too tired!

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  1. Help, there are 3 Muttonbird Island in Australia. But I found it.

    Carry on having a good time!

    Love, Mum