Friday, 2 October 2009


I have not completed this blog, though I have completed my round-the-world journey. It was an amazing experience, a very good time! I saw the world, I scratched that travelling itch and I enjoyed most of it! I saw people I hadn't seen in forever and I saw friends that I had seen recently and I've finally met some people I've known forever! I stayed with lovely people and at funky hostels and generally had the best time ever. I also spent a lot of time asleep on buses, but that was ok :-) Did many things I'd never done before and have made quite a few life decisions about what I would still like to do and what I want to do again.

I now feel I can settle down for a bit and just get on with my life. I'm now doing a PGCE at Sheffield University and it's very fun but very challenging work. But it's something that doesn't give me a lot of free time. (This is also the latest I've stayed up all week!)

Next time I go travelling, I'll pull out this blog again and dust it off. But for now, au revoir :-)

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