Sunday, 5 April 2009

Los Angeles

To be fair, I can't really write about LA because since getting here last night I have seen the freeway in Laura's awesome car, a grocery store and her apartment. But her apartment is AMAZING! It is really like a resort or a hotel or something, there is a lobby and a lounge and a gym and a raquetball court and a swimming pool and a hot tub and lounging chairs and it is literally the most amazing place in the world. I would love to be able to afford a place like this! Her apartment itself is large and roomy with everything fitting in nicely in a large square sort of thing, and a balcony! And a walk-in closet! All just so amazing, she's doing really well for herself here with a good job in airport planning and grad school, all very nice. Oooh! I forgot, we did go out last night to some bars in downtown Orange, where she lives. We met some very interesting people, everyone was very friendly, and we got free drinks so that was a win situation!

I got in last night to LAX, flying in from SFO which was a nicely uneventful flight, though it was very confusing to exit the plane and not have to go through passport control and the baggage carousel was right next to the exit where everyone could get in, so weird! Luckily my backpack was still there when I got out, though the carousel had stopped moving already. Eek!

The weather here is lovely and sunny and warm, and after a waking up today we went to the gym downstairs (after a nice healthy breakfast) and then changed upstairs, and then went to the swimming pool downstairs again and swam and sunbathed, and it was all very lovely and relaxing. It is so good to see Laura again! Squeee!

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